Snap Lok™ Changeable Marquee Letters
Outdoor Use
  • Formed plastic in 3 letter styles:
    - Snap Lok
    - Snap Lok A
    - Snap Lok B
  • Available in 35 pigmented plastic colors
  • Comes with Hooks on top and Snaps on bottom.
Snap Lok™ Changeable Marquee Letters
Letter Height Clip Spacing On Center Available
Letter Style
Letter Color Type Your Copy -
Upper Case & Numbers only
Enter Number of Characters Cost Ea. Add
4" 2 7/8" $25.20
4 1/2" 3 7/8" $25.20
5" 4 3/8" $27.30
6" 4 7/8" $27.30
8" 7" $31.50
10" 7" $35.30
12" 7" $39.40
17" 7" $60.60
24" 7" $88.70
31" 7" $133.00
* Not All Styles Available In All Sizes
** Double Clips Standard on 24" and 31" Letters
Snap Lok™ Theater Rating Marquee Symbols
Letter Height Clip Spacing On Center Letter Color Symbol / Cost Add
12" 7"  Black Letters on Clear Panel
How To Order:
  • Select Letter Height
  • Select Letter Style
  • Select Letter Color
  • Enter Desired Copy - Upper Case & Numbers Only
  • Enter Number of  Characters In Your Text
  • Add to cart
Order Notes:
  • Shipping Lead Time: 7 - 8 Business Days

Snap Lok™ Changeable Marquee Letters

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