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ADA / Wayfinding Metal Plaques
Outdoor & Indoor Use

All of Gemini's ADA / Wayfinding plaques are made from solid metal for a superior product that will not chip or crack. Choose from base metal or other color selections, including up to 1200 dpi photographic images for the surface of your plaques. Gemini’s patent-pending ADA process does not use loose beads for the Braille component or rely on imperfect, non-compliant castings.

  • Base metal choices: Aluminum, Brass or Bronze.
  • Raised (1/32") Characters and Grade 2 Braille.
  • Designs in any shape - No additional charge.
  • Earth friendly process - Lead & Mercury Free alloys.
  • Ships in 10-12 business days after art approval.
  • Lifetime Guarantee.
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Cast Metal Plaques Lifetime Guarantee

ADA / Wayfinding Plaque Features

All Metal One Piece Construction
All Metal One Piece Construction Gemini ADA/Wayfinding plaques are made from one piece all metal construction. This means that the copy, braille, and emblem or design elements are all integral to the body of the plaque. Unlike photopolymer or other plastic wayfinding solutions, Gemini's products will never chip, crack, have missing braille indicia or lettering. This makes for an extremely vandal resistant plaque.
Full Color Capability
Full Color Capability Gemini combines its experience in plaque manufacturing with high resolution, full color printing to deliver a product that is completely customizable for your application. Up to 1200 dpi resolution can be achieved through state of the art printing processes. The only limitations on design for these products is the quality of the image provided for reproduction. Maximum size 24" x 24".
Custom Shapes
Custom Shapes A truly custom product should not be placed in a cookie cutter shape. Gemini gives you the option to design not only the image and color of your wayfinding solutions, but also the overall shape of the individual plaques.
Brushed Metal Finish
Brushed Metal Finish One of the main features that Gemini can offer in its wayfinding plaques is the ability to have raised brushed copy. This brushed finish will vary depending on the base metal chosen by the customer for their application. This brushed raised copy allows for an extremely high end, classic appearance that can match elements of the decor or other architectural plaques used on the project. This effect is not possible when using plastics for the base material.
Vandal Resistant Powdercoat
Brushed Metal Finish Whether you have chosen a full color, metal finish, or single color wayfinding plaque from Gemini–your product will be protected by a vandal resistant powdercoat finish. This powdercoat while not impregnable, will protect your plaques from most wear and tear found in normal environments.

Standard Color ADA / Wayfinding (1/8" thick)

All metal ADA plaques have raised satin copy which reveals the metal of your choice: Aluminum, Brass or Bronze. Background colors can be chosen from any one of Gemini standard painted colors, however, darker background colors produce superior results. Choose from any of our standard plaque background textures: Leatherette, stipple or sand.

Raised Satin Copy Metal Choices ADA Metal Plaques Background Colors and Finishes

Painted Background Textures (choice of any standard Gemini paint color)
ADA Metal Plaques Background Finishes

Full Color ADA / Wayfinding (1/8" thick)

These all metal ADA plaques have your 1200 dpi full color image as the background for any ADA/Wayfinding application. The raised painted copy can be virtually any color, however, care should be taken to choose a color that provides sufficient contrast to meet ADA regulations for visibility. These high-end plaques come with a vandal resistant powdercoat that protects the image as well as the copy. Gemini warrants these products for interior use, although they will last under most moderate weathering conditions.

ADA Metal Plaques Background Colors and Finishes

Mounting Options for Cast Metal Plaques

Cast Metal Plaques Mounting Options

ADA & Wayfinding Plaques Catalog

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Gold Leaf Finish

Gold Leaf Finish Plastic LettersPure 24K gold is applied to any Gemini Formed Plastic or Injection Molded Minnesota Letters. The finish result is not matched by any paint, treatment, or other base metal. Gold Leaf is truly the gold standard of the industry. Completely weather able, installations last a generation before re-leafing is required due to  environmental wear and tear in most applications. Round and prismatic styles are recommended for best results. Contact us for a quote on this process.
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